That’s a wrap! After 3 months of 3 live shows a week (that’s 36 live shows!) Theo has stopped the live series and will be doing adhoc pre-recorded cookalongs and special occassion live shows –  you can now buy The Kids Lockdown Cookbook here!

About Theo

Theo is a chef, presenter and best-selling author specialising in Greek Cypriot and family focused inspired recipes. Theo has wrote four cookbooks, his most recent is ‘SHARE’ (out now!), while last year saw the publication of the hugely successful ‘Orexi! – feasting at the modern Greek table’ which has been translated into three languages.

Theo writes a weekly food column for Best Magazine, is regularly in the media including ITV This Morning, National Geographic Food, The Saturday Times, Delicious, Food & Travel Magazine, BBC Radio and more…

Theo is also Executive Chef for international events company; Elsewhere. Theo works with numerous brands developing recipes, digital content and presenting. 

Here’s a sneak peak at the last three years work with David Lloyd Clubs:


Theo A. Michaels

Chef | Author | Presenter | Dad…

Theo was born in London  and comes from a large Greek Cypriot family.

Theo lived in America for five years,  has eaten his way around the world with a backpack and now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children.

A Masterchef 2014 semi-finalist Theo resigned from his position as a Board Member of a PLC to follow his passion for ‘food’.

Theo ran his own sell-out pop up restaurant for two years, cooking an 8-course taster menu championing modern Greek cuisine. This period overlapped with Theo working as a private chef which received recognition by The Financial Times and Telegraph in 2017. Both services won the regional ‘Best Lifestyle Service’ award  – (read his cooking reviews here).

Theo is now the full time Executive Chef for Elsewhere Events creating imaginative dining experiences for Elsewhere’s venues and popup events around the world.

Theo was invited to be a guest chef at the Sheraton Grande Hotel in Bangkok and the exclusive Paresa resort in Kamala Hills, Thailand. For the last three years Theo has been a judge for the Quality Food Awards and is frequently in the press and other media.

He is known for cooking ‘elegant village food’ inspired by the flavours of Greece and Cyprus and cooking at large scale events.

Theo’s recipes can be found at TheoCooks.com or on his Cooking Youtube Channel.

Theo is represented by Fletcher Associates

Theo’s Books

Theo’s latest cookbooks:

Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook
SHARE – 10 gorgeous grazing boards by Theo
– order your signed copy here
Kids Lockdown Cookbook by Theo Michaels
– download your copy here
Orexi Theo Michaels
Orexi! Feasting at the modern Greek table by Theo
– order your signed copy here

Theo is a four times published author.

Theo’s first cookbook in 2016, Microwave Mug Meals was a best seller and a year later, his second cookbook, Microwave Mug Soups was published.

You can by both on Amazon and good book shops.

Microwave Mug Soups By Theo Michaels
Microwave Mug Soups – click image to order your copy.

Microwave Mug Meals Cookbook by Theo Michaels
Microwave Mug Meals – click image to order your copy.

Theo’s Recipes

Chef Theo Michaels

Visit TheoCooks.com for recipes created by Theo or check out his YouTube channel for his video recipes

Theo Michaels Youtube Channel

What’s Going On…

Find out the latest on Theo Michaels at his blog

You can also check out Theo’s food gallery or reviews from his clients.