Theo A. Michaels

Chef | Author | Presenter | Dad…

Theo was born in London  and comes from a large Greek Cypriot family.

Theo lived in America for five years,  has eaten his way around the world with a backpack and his thirst for adventure not yet sated. He’s swam with piranhas in the Amazon, participated in an impromptu Ayahuasca ceremony in Bolivia, trekked mount Fuji and Macchu Pichhu, and eaten everything along the way (don’t mention Fugu fish in Japan, rat stir fry, guinea pigs, tarantulas or some others he’s trying to forget…)  Theo now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, three children and annoying dog.

After participating in Masterchef 2014Theo resigned from his position as a Board Member of a PLC to follow his passion for ‘food’.

Theo started his food career running a sell-out pop up restaurant for two years cooking 8-course taster menus championing Greek cuisine, became an established private chef receiving recognition by The Financial Times and Telegraph (read his cooking reviews here).

Theo is now the Executive Chef for Elsewhere Events creating imaginative dining experiences for groups of 20 to 400.

Theo was guest chef at the Sheraton Grande Hotel in Bangkok and the exclusive Paresa resort in Kamala Hills, Thailand.

He is known for cooking ‘elegant village food’ inspired by the flavours of Greece and Cyprus while also down to earth family staples keeping food unpretentious and accessible.