Meet the Michaels in the new National Geographic Food Magazine

National Geographic Food magazine launched today featuring “Breaking Bread: Greek-Cypriot style with Theo Michaels and family” 

National Geographic Food is a brilliant magazine uncovering the world of food, from the professionals to the family, from our native shores to around the world.

It’s a brilliant read and I’m already hooked.

The Breaking Bread feature gives a real-life snapshot into the lives of different cultures.  The format is clever and authentic; a journalist (Alex Mead – brilliant writer and a great guy) and a photographer (Mark Parry Taylor – award winning photographer and also a great guy!) simply join a family for something to eat in their home.

Interviewing, observing, commenting; the finished feature really does give an honest and true document of that culture, their stories and how the food is entwined, as it usually is, with their lives.  Bonus points is that you also get a few great recipes as well!

In the first edition of the new National Geographic Food magazine, out today, Breaking Bread featured the Michaels’ family. That’s right, mom, pops, kids, aunts, uncles, brothers, a few people I still don’t know, you name it we were all there.

Where? My folks house, for a standard Sunday afternoon Greek Cypriot BBQ.

You can read a teaser of the Breaking Bread feature here until you manage to pick up a copy yourself!