Food of Guild Writers

Guild of Food Writers

Theo is now a bonafide member of the Food of Guild Writers. Theo has said he will only speak Thespian to celebrate for the rest of the year.

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About the Guild

The Guild of Food Writers is the professional association of food writers and broadcasters in the United Kingdom. Established in 1984, it now has around 480 authors, broadcasters, columnists and journalists among its members

Theo’s new business –

FiveDinners Meal Planner

Today marks the launch of – a new weekly meal planning service created by Theo and his wife.

Each week Theo creates five easy family friendly recipes with one complete shopping list for families and couples to download.

In addition to the actual meal planner there is a host of other key features:

  • change serving size on recipes and shopping list automatically updates
  • create your own meal plans with our recipes
  • live texting service – text Theo direct with questions or help on meal plans and cooking!

Main benefits are:

  • reduce stress of choosing what to cook each night
  • cut food spend dramatically + only shop once
  • drop your food waste – five dinners | one shopping list

Kenwood Brand Ambassador

Theo has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Kenwood.

Theo said “I’ve been a fan of Kenwood products for ages and even other brands within the Kenwood group (I’ve got great DeLonghi coffee machine that’s been running for a decade!) so it is with huge honor that I accept the invitation to become part of the Kenwood family.”

Grab a discount on any Kenwood product using the code: THEO10

Theo appears on the Kenwood RealCooks website, and is now hosting a live cookalong with Kenwood Kids Club on their youtube channel here.

LIVE cookalong – #KidsCookWithTheo

Theo started doing LIVE cookalongs at the very start of the UK lockdown to help give kids (and parents!) something to do during the Corona Virus isolation period.

View all previous and upcoming episodes here.

Theo says ‘it’s just me, my kids, in my kitchen making a mess, cooking easy simple dinners and trying to have an hour of normality during these, frankly surreal times. Hopefully the kids watching will have some fun, learn a thing or two and maybe, just maybe, the parents will get dinner at the end! This won’t be pretty…’

#KidsCookWithTheo is live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm (GMT) with the ingredients needed for each session announced the week before.

It is live streamed on Theo’s YouTube channel and his instagram

My new cookbook ‘SHARE’ out today

Share Cookbook by Theo Michaels

I’m so proud to announce that SHARE is now out and available!

Click here to order a signed copy!

The philosophy behind SHARE is all about creating an interactive and exciting dining experience to be ‘shared’ amongst friends and family. SHARE was inspired by the work I do at events where I’ve been creating sharing boards and grazing tables for 10 people to twenty foot long grazing tables for 300 guests.

SHARE is my fourth cookbook, it’s published by Ryland Peters & Small and the extremely talented Mowie Kay did the photography, and my good friend Jean-Cristophe Novelli kindly wrote my foreward.

SHARE is broken down into 10 chapters ranging from Meze, Feast, Ocean, BBQ, Vegan, Sweet and many more; there is literally something for everyone with over 80 recipes and detailed step-by-step guidelines on how to build your own grazing table.

Here’s a few sneaky peaks from the book..

Click here to order a signed copy!

Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook - ocean chapter
Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook – ocean chapter
Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook - brunch chapter
Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook – brunch chapter
Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook - garden chapter
Theo Michaels SHARE cookbook – garden chapter

Click here to order a signed copy!

Check out my other books including last years best seller, ‘Orexi! Feasting at the modern Greek table’

Orexi Theo Michaels
Orexi Theo Michaels – click here to order a signed copy.

Speaking at National Geographic Food Festival

Theo National Geographic Food Festival

I was honoured to be invited by National Geographic to speak at their first festival in London and finish with a book signing.

I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Katrina Ridley, who I’ve met a couple of times, in the National Geographic Speakers Corner – great day and managed to flog a few books as well 🙂

Ahhh… the look of affection. I think…
That’s right, I’ll warm up for Raymond Blanc, it’s just how I roll… 🙂

New recipe video series with Cyprus BBQ

I’ve had a Cyprus BBQ (and every other Greek I know) for as long as I can remember. As such, I am chuffed to have developed a host of new recipes as part of a video series using the exceptional Cyprus BBQ – it’s all about the rotisserie!

Check out our new video series here.

Delicious Magazine podcast – Interviewed by Gilly Smith on Greek food, my family and…

Have a listen to my first ever podcast with the lovely Gilly Smith for one of Delicious Magazines ‘How to cook like…’ series.

Listen to the sizzle and spits of me cooking two recipes from my new book Orexi and chatting all things Greek, family and few laughs for good measure…

Heirloom Tomatoes with white balsamic and pomegranate dressing
Heirloom Tomatoes with white balsamic and pomegranate dressing
Stuffed seabass wrapped in vineleaves
Stuffed seabass wrapped in vineleaves
Gilly Smith, Theo Michaels and gorgeous friend!
Gilly Smith, Theo Michaels and gorgeous friend!

Twitter HQ – book signing and serving a few of my dishes for lunch.

Theo at Twitter HQ in London

Well, how cool is this! I was honoured to be invited by the cool cats at Twitter HQ in London to sign a few copies of my new book Orexi and the awesome food team (Fooditude) prepared a few recipes from my book to serve the Tweeps for lunch.

Loved it! Here are some pics…

My Seabream and Watermelon Ceviche
My Seabream and Watermelon Ceviche
Susi and Erica the Fooditude team and me, gatecrashing as usual.. 🙂
Theo book signing Orexi at Twitter HQ
Signing copies of Orexi
Salad of the Soul with Feta Spinach Balls and Roasted chili feta dressing
Salad of the Soul with Feta Spinach Balls and Roasted chili feta dressing

My third cookbook – Orexi! Out today!

Orexi Theo Michaels

Writing a cookbook is an emotional affair, but man, the day of publication is filled with excitement, trepidation, nerves, the lot.

I’ve wanted to write this book for ages; “Orexi! Feasting at the modern Greek table”. A book that champions Greek and Cypriot food and showcases as much of the old as the new.

Anyway, I won’t bang on about it – but suffice to say, I’m well chuffed and I hope you enjoy reading it and using it as much as I did developing it.

Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Mowie Kay, Words and recipes by moi!

Here’s a review:

A feast for the senses

Lynda Dickson on Apr 16, 2019

Fresh ingredients feature heavily in the recipes, which are divided into seven sections. The author states that “… the heritage of Greek food is not simply about the ingredients, […] but it’s also the stories that cradle a plate of food, the childhood memory of eating something all together and the conversations around a table.” To this end, at the beginning of each section, he brings us a slice of Greek life, explaining the traditions behind the dishes or childhood memories associated with particular foods. He also introduces each recipe with a brief story detailing the origins of the dish or his inspiration for creating it. The recipes don’t follow the boring, traditional format we’re used to in other cookbooks. These are more conversations with the author, in which he provides tips and tricks learned through experience, as well as humorous asides such as, “tomatoes are very self-conscious and would hate to feel overdressed” and “serve with a green salad and smug expression”.

The author’s personality and humor radiate from the pages. This cookbook is as entertaining to read and look at as it will be to cook from. Mostly it’s about combining fresh ingredients with splashes of ouzo, glugs of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and of course, family. As the author states, “I always find that food never fails to start a conversation and bring people together.” Kali Orexi!

Full review (18 April):

Working with Aloades Olive Oil by Besios Limited

Aloades Olive Oil

I’ve been using Aloades Olive Oil for over a year now; they create incredible olive oil and are steeped in ethics which I love. Check out my first recipe for using their delicious olive oil.

You can now buy Aloades First Harvest Olive Oil online here.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Rooted in Pelion and Thessaly, our grandfathers’ olive groves have raised and maintained our families. For us, olive oil is life, flavour, company, remedy, an offer of nature to people. In every bottle we produce, we make sure to include in the ingredients the authentic Greek cultivation of olive oil”. Besios Limited