Quality Food Awards 2017

My second year at the Quality Food Awards 2017 ceremony at Grosvenor Hotel, Mayfair.

Many months ago during a balmy summer of 2017 a group of food industry experts sit down for weeks at a time and taste pretty much every conceivable ingredient, dish, product that the supermarkets, suppliers and independents enter into the Quality Food Awards.

This was my second year sitting on the panel of judges and I’m always honoured to be included. There is such a wealth of knowledge judging from all areas of the food industry that I always walk away learning something new about some facet of this huge industry.

This was also the second year of me drinking too many cocktails at the Quality Food Awards 2017 Ceremony, but I expected that.

Hosting the ceremony was (the rather glamorous may I say) Rachel Allen and the immense Theo Randall.

Rachel Allen Theo Randall Will Torrent QFA17
Rachel Allen Theo Randall Will Torrent QFA17 and a winner

I had a fab night – to be fair I could fab night at an insurance seminar 🙂 but as usual the QFA team put on a great spread, I bumped into Will Torrent who’s a really nice guy and always enjoy having a quick natter with. Finally met in person Vhari Russel from the Food Marketing Expert – Vhari and I have probably worked together on and off for about three years and this was the first time we actually met. In the real-world like.

So all in all – a good night. Plus this time I managed to get an uber home with three lovely ladies 🙂 I was dropped off first.