My third cookbook – Orexi! Out today!

Writing a cookbook is an emotional affair, but man, the day of publication is filled with excitement, trepidation, nerves, the lot.

I’ve wanted to write this book for ages; “Orexi! Feasting at the modern Greek table”. A book that champions Greek and Cypriot food and showcases as much of the old as the new.

Anyway, I won’t bang on about it – but suffice to say, I’m well chuffed and I hope you enjoy reading it and using it as much as I did developing it.

Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Mowie Kay, Words and recipes by moi!

Here’s a review:

A feast for the senses

Lynda Dickson on Apr 16, 2019

Fresh ingredients feature heavily in the recipes, which are divided into seven sections. The author states that “… the heritage of Greek food is not simply about the ingredients, […] but it’s also the stories that cradle a plate of food, the childhood memory of eating something all together and the conversations around a table.” To this end, at the beginning of each section, he brings us a slice of Greek life, explaining the traditions behind the dishes or childhood memories associated with particular foods. He also introduces each recipe with a brief story detailing the origins of the dish or his inspiration for creating it. The recipes don’t follow the boring, traditional format we’re used to in other cookbooks. These are more conversations with the author, in which he provides tips and tricks learned through experience, as well as humorous asides such as, “tomatoes are very self-conscious and would hate to feel overdressed” and “serve with a green salad and smug expression”.

The author’s personality and humor radiate from the pages. This cookbook is as entertaining to read and look at as it will be to cook from. Mostly it’s about combining fresh ingredients with splashes of ouzo, glugs of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and of course, family. As the author states, “I always find that food never fails to start a conversation and bring people together.” Kali Orexi!

Full review (18 April):