5th Annual Masterchef Competition at Robert Barclay Academy

For the fifth year in a row we hosted our unofficial Masterchef competition – and those kids can cook!

This time around I brought along a little back up in regards to judging (yes, they do look uncannily like me!) My two eldest kids came along last year and couldn’t wait to taste all the food that ‘the older kids’ cooked…

Robert Barclay Academy 2018 Masterchef Little judges
Yes, they took the judging process very seriously! They even had clip boards…

Back in the day, the current Hoddesdon Robert Barclay Academy used to be Sheredes, my old school.

We started our unofficial Masterchef competition five years ago with the simple goal of getting the younger kids (I reckon they look about 13 years old!) into cooking for themselves.

Getting them to understand how to cook, getting them a little enthused and if we’re lucky a little inspired.

Every year the group gets bigger and the talent shines through, this year was no exception!

Anyway, already looking forward to next year!