Theo Michaels in the Media

Proper TV

Besides Masterchef, Theo is occasionally spotted on ITV’s This Morning with Philip and Holly and on The Food Network

Watch some of Theo’s TV appearances or check out his showreel at the bottom. 

Theo Michaels This Morning October 2017
Theo Michaels  on ITVThis Morning

Magazines and Newspapers

Theo writes a weekly food column for Best Magazine and has also written various features or recipes in magazines and newspapers including  National Geographic Food, The Guardian, Delicious, Living,, etc.

Theo is also the author of two published cookbooks and just finished writing his third cookbook which is out in spring 2019.

National Geographic Food Breaking Bread with Theo Michaels
National Geographic Food – Breaking Bread


Theo has a great face for radio (!) and has been on BBC radio over 30 times in the last few years, including many other local radio stations.

Snippet of Theo on BBC Radio..wait for it..

Youtube Channel

Besides ‘proper telly’ as Theo says, you can watch his youtube channel ‘CookWithTheo’ for some cooking inspiration.

Theo’s showreel: