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Theo Michaels Author

Theo is a two-times published author and is currently writing his third cookbook (this one is totally different!) out spring 2019.

Theo’s first cookbook, Microwave Mug Meals published in 2016, was a best seller and a year later, his second cookbook, Microwave Mug Soups was published.

Besides championing Greek and fresh family food Theo is a great believer in ‘keeping it real’ and as such his Microwave Mug cookbooks created an innovative solution for people pushed for time to cook a meal in minutes using all fresh ingredients as seen in the press and on ITV This Morning.

You can buy both from Amazon, Waterstones and other good bookshops – click on the images below to buy.

Watch this space for my third cookbook out spring 2019!

Microwave Mug Soups By Theo Michaels
Microwave Mug Soups By Theo Michaels
Microwave Mug Meals Cookbook by Theo Michaels
Microwave Mug Meals by Theo Michaels