Kids Lockdown Cookbook (ebook)


Kids Lockdown Cookbook

Masterchef 2014 semi-finalist Theo Michaels and four times author now brings you The Kids Lockdown Cookbook – grab your copy today!

A collection of 36 recipes and photos published in a 42 page ebook with links to the actual live shows for each recipe (in case you want to cookalong!). This is the kids cookbook for kids who want to cook proper food!

The kids and I hosted 36 live cookalongs from the start of lockdown for three months, three times a week (phew!). Each recipe states what equipment you need, ingredients, method and flexitarian options to ensure you can convert recipes to meet your dietary needs.

What others are saying:

“After joining Theo and his family for the live cookalongs we love now having all those recipes in one place. We’ve printed off a few recipes we use every week and have the ebook for when we want to do other recipes” Helen

“We’ve been looking for a cookbook for our children who love cooking but most cookbooks aimed at younger children just bake lots of cakes, this is great to finally have a cookbook for the kids who can now actually cook us dinner! (with a little supervision..)” Sarah

“Quite simply a great ecookbook with some favorite recipes we cook as a family for dinner, plus a few really good pudding recipes for afters – a great book to have” Stephan

(downloads in .pdf format to read  easily from a mobile, tablet, computer and easy to print recipes).


The Kids Lockdown Cookbook is finally here! An ebook – featuring 36 recipes from our live shows so you can download and enjoy recreating the recipes in your own time. There are so many recipes that I love in this collection; from the simple two ingredient flatbreads and homemade pizzas to the ‘change-your-life’ one tray spaghetti (not forgetting those homemade gnocchi!) and of course the puddings which became our Friday show..

Finally a massive thank you to everyone that got involved during the live shows or watched them afterwards and had fun – it’s been great cooking with you and I’m sure we’ll see you again!