ITV This Morning Guest Chef Theo…

Here’s a few pictures and video links of ITV This Morning.

Cooking for Philip and Holly and Ryland – Theo is tiny compared to Ryland.

Theo’s Guest Chef Appearance on ITV This Morning June 2017

Seabass on pea puree

How To Cook Fish in the Microwave – Microwave Mug Meals as seen on ITV This Morning | Seabass with Pea Puree

Cakes and Jerk Shepherds Pie! Watch the video here.

Microwave Recipes – Puffin, Chocolate Orange Cake and Jerk Shepherds Pie as seen on ITV This Morning Jan-17

2016 Christmas Special! Watch the video here.

ITV This Morning Christmas Special – Theo cooking Christmas dinner in a mug!

ITV This Morning Debut Appearance – 2016 Watch the video here

ITV This Morning